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I'm penny from sydney and my life consists of listening
to whimsical tunes and eating snacks, hi friend
Anonymous: What would you wear to a sky ferreira gig? x

Inside or outside? Summer or winter?
Considering it’s winter in australia rn and i’m someone who mainly goes to indoor gigs, i’d go for
Ripped jeans so you’re warm but not too hot, platform converses or any platform comfy shoes because i’m short and any additional height is vital and a tee of some sort. I’m a fan of jingly jewellery so i’d probs layer some up also

Anonymous: What are your thoughts on nose piercings?x (boys and girls)

Depends where, i like some more than others

Anonymous: I hope you don't take this in an offensive way but like, who cares if she gets a lip injection or plastic surgery? she can do whatever she wants to ya know I don't know why it matters so much to other people if she has a lip injection or not

Oath i reckon!!!! But there’s no need for people to deny it like just say it and move on, no one cares until someone makes a huge deal about how she didn’t get anything done and she’s only 16 (have you seen the rest of her family????!!)

Anonymous: No it's just the way she applies her lipstick.. It's a technique to make lips look fuller, you apply the lipstick beyond your natural lip line. And it's also the way she poses in the picture, she kinda like puckers her lips lol. K bye.

That is such a lol they are like 10x bigger and a completely different shape - not to mention the fact that her nose is hella different also