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Anonymous: What was so wrong with that self promo? (Jw) I thought ur comment was funny tho😎

What has tumblr come to that is what is wrong

Anonymous: Tell us an average day in the life of Penny

I will tell you todays day. I woke up at 8am and ate food, showered and got ready. Then i went out and got sushi with a boy and then we watched a movie and he came with me to buy zucchinis which i needed for a slice i was making and then i went home and watched game of thrones (only started last week so up to s2)

citrussi: HAHAHAH i applaud u. i see those everywhere and they're so annoying fml wHY

Someone had to point out how fkn annoying it is! Love you g

Anonymous: lol @ ur comment on lustires selfpm

I am seriously questioning everything in life wtf is dat shit